What is the with KARLA Brush Defence?
Our Brush Defence is made in Australia by Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer Karla Roccuzzo. Karla had been making her own brush cleaner to properly cleanse and protect her brushes for five years before sharing her formula! The formula she created leaves your brushes 99.9% bacteria free and nourished. This formula not only protects your skin, but extends the life of your brushes!
How does it work?
Think of us as your insurance, really. Did you know that using a dirty makeup brush will spread bacteria around your skin which can evidently cause further breakouts and skin reactions? Using brush cleaner is so important to properly cleanse your makeup brushes as well as protect your skin. We use a quick drying isopropyl alcohol to make cleaning your brushes more time efficient, which is perfect for when you're on the go and don't have time to dry them out!
How is with KARLA Brush Defence different to others?
Well, lets just say our director is probably one of the fussiest Makeup Artists out there. It took Karla five years to properly construct and test the exact formula to ensure her brushes were always cleansed, presentable and protected the skin of herself and her clients. This formula has allowed Karla to still use brushes she purchased over five years ago because it has protected and lengthened the life of them. The isopropyl alcohol used will kill 99.9% of bacteria held in the brush and the oils used will help protect and nourish the hair of the brush as well as your skin. 

 How much does it cost?
One bottle of brush defence is $37.95 for 100ml.
What currency is with KARLA listed in?
Australian Dollars
Is cleaning brushes essential?
Imagine using the same paint brush to paint without ever cleaning it.... then imagine putting it on your skin. 
How long will it last?
It really just depends on how often you are using your brushes. We recommend one to two sprays per brush. 
Do I need to prep my skin before use?
We do not recommend direct contact on skin as it is a cleaning product.
Who currently stocks with KARLA?
Salon Gabrielle
Shop 6, 7 Aspen St, Moonee Ponds - Melbourne, Victoria

Are there any refunds on with KARLA products?
At this stage we do not offer refunds unless the product is faulty.
Where is with KARLA products shipped from?
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
What is the cut off for express post?
1pm Australian Eastern Standard time.

Do you ship internationally?

Soon...we are working on it!